The Loomer camping area is comprised of four campsites located near the climbing area and Gilwell field. The name of Loomer comes from one of the Oakland Area Council camps with the same name which was located outside of the town of Pollock Pines on Highway 50. Camp Loomer was an environmental camp, meaning it had no buildings. The camp was in operation from 1957 until 1973. The sign above the entrance to the Camp Loomer area was the original sign that hung above the entrance to Camp Loomer in Pollock Pines, please respect the sign. Loomer Subcamp Sites (west end of camp by Gilwell field): Oak Flats (site #11) - sleeps up to 50 campers 12 O’clock Hi (site #12) - sleeps up to 74 campers Turkey’s Roost (site #13) - sleeps up to 50 campers Dimond-W (site #14) - sleeps up to 12 campers

Loomer Subcamp Camping Area

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