Natural Springs of Wente

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Wente Scout Reservation Established 1959, Oakland Area Council

1. Lake Level - 1930 ft

2. Eagle Summit - 2519 ft



Blackberry Spring
Amigos Spring
Meander Spring
Medicinal Spring
Quarry Spring
Ranger Spring
Pear Orchard Spring
Hidden Spring
O’Riley Spring
Pear Orchard Spring (AKA - Haunted Spring) - Located on the south-east side of Eagle Summit in Pear Orchard Meadow. This was one of the original sources of drinking water for the camp prior to the development of the lake. A small cabin once stood on a knoll overlooking the meadow which still contains 8 mature pear trees (that still produce). Blackberry Spring - This spring is located on the north-west side of Eagle Summit and at the beginning of Blackberry meadow. Along with Pear Orchard spring, this provided the original drinking water for the camp . The spring produced vast amounts of water until a logging project in 1989 disrupted the flow and slowed the spring to a trickle. O-Riley Spring - Amigos Spring - This spring is located on the back of the hill from the camp warehouse. prior to the warehouse this was the horse pasture and the horses could get a sip of water from the slow moving spring. Medicinal Spring - This spring is located at the first level spot after entering the camp. Originally this spot was to be the real entrance to camp where a large entry way similar to Camp Royaneh was to be located. This spring got its name from plants that were growing at the site. Meander Spring - This spring is located in the middle of the Meander Mountain Bike trail high up on the hill above the lake. Ranger Spring - This spring is located in cement cauldron next to the Lodge and was the drinking source for the rangers house and original land owners. Hidden Spring - This spring is hidden between two trees alongside the road into camp. A portion of the spring leaves a wet dirt patch in the middle of the road. It’s small but it is constantly producing. Quarry Spring - This spring is located on the hillside next to the junction of the camp road, and the road up to the quarry across from the shotgun range. Hill seepage keeps this spring wet all year long.