Leaving Camp Check out at the Camp Office before leaving Camp on Saturday Morning. Adults who leave during the week must check out at the Camp Office. Adults returning to Camp must check back in at the Camp Office upon arrival. Early Release of Scouts from Camp Property For the safety of all Scouts attending Camp, it is the policy of the GGAC to follow these procedures in the event that a Scout must leave earlier than his Unit: The Scout’s Annual Health and Medical Record form must be filled out with the names of all Adults authorized to take the Scout to and from events The Adult with permission to pick up the Camper must report directly to the Camp Office upon arrival. Identification will be compared to information on the Annual Health and Medical Record. Before leaving Camp, the Scout and driver must report to the Camp Office to check out, with a separate Adult Leader from the Troop. In an emergency, these procedures can be suspended by mutual agreement of the Camp Director and the Adult Leaders of the Scout's Troop. If such an emergency is declared, Adult Leaders from the Scout's Troop will be solely responsible for verifying safe transportation for the Scout, and that the Scout leaves with an approved Adult. In an extreme emergency, an Adult Staff member may be appointed to transport the Scout. The GGAC, BSA is not responsible for Scouts leaving Camp on an emergency basis, regardless of who transports the boy. Troop Checkout Troops should plan on checking out by 9:00 AM on Saturday. Your Troop Guide will come to your Campsite directly after breakfast to check you out. If your troop needs to leave early, please notify the Camp Office by Friday evening so that we can arrange your Troop Guide to meet you earlier. The Troop Guide and an Adult Leader will inspect the site for any damage that may have occurred to tents and other equipment during the week. Troops will be charged for any damage that occurs. Be sure that some Scouts remain in the site to help with any final details: All tents are swept clean and free of trash. All trash is placed in dumpster behind the Dining Hall. In tent sites, all tent flaps are down; tents and poles are free from damage. All equipment checked out has been returned. Latrine is swept and washed out; toilet paper is stocked. The Camp Director has the final say on damage. After your site is checked, bring the check-out form to the Office for final check-out. Don’t forget to: Turn in Camp evaluations. Stake-A-Claim for next year. Double-check Troop mailbox. Pick up medical forms, medications, and patches from the Camp Office.

Check-Out (Departure)

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